What’s next in HR Tech?
There are three developments HR executives should keep an eye on, according to an opinion piece in Employee Benefit News by Alex Tolbert, CEO of benefits administration platform & HR software company BerniePortal.

The first one is Gamification, which essentially means applying game principles like competition and rewards to motivate engagement and participation. “Using gamification to provide acknowledgment or tangible rewards for employees who complete trainings, engage in wellness programs or sign off on notices or other administrative tasks can make HR’s life easier while improving company compliance,” the author says.

The second notable trend is use of artificial intelligence and decision support to help employees make better choices about their benefits. “Some believe that the next level of HR support in this area may include interactive decision support tools, where consumers can input details about their situation, and receive personalized recommendations based on their available options and specific needs,” he explains.

Finally, another notable trend is use of mobile technology. The author notes a growing number of Americans use their smartphone as their primary computer, which will continue to push HR and benefits tech to go mobile.