HR departments lag in using digital tools
Despite appearances, many human resources departments are not nearly as digital as they may seem, according to an opinion piece in Employee Benefit News by Neil Vaswani, CEO of Corestream, a platform that provides a single point of integration for HR professionals.

He cites the case of a large hospital in Florida which adopted a digital platform to administer and communicate benefits information to its employees. “After the platform was implemented, however, the HR department took for granted that simply notifying employees of the platform’s existence as a valuable resource would motivate the employees to use it,” he writes.

However, he adds, few of the hospital’s staff actually logged into their accounts or reviewed their benefits. The hospital learned the hard way that just having a digital communications platform isn’t the same as using that platform.

“HR departments need to pivot in how they use the powerful digital technologies they’re adopting. Taking the time to implement digital tools is important and goes a long way in better serving employees, but equally important is taking the time to effectively learn to use the tools to actually engage with employees,” the author writes.

By leveraging technology, HR departments can achieve significant results in employee happiness, especially if their digital tools can help streamline benefits administration to allow HR teams to scale efficiently. For instance, he adds, having a digital platform to integrate communication, enrollment and even billing and other administrative tasks gives HR departments the ability to continuously refresh benefits offerings and in turn gain crucial insights from their employees.

As regards the case of the hospital mentioned above, it discovered that the best way to communicate with their employees was by taking to social media channels. “Perhaps slowly but surely, more HR organizations will find that technology investments fully pay off when they’re accompanied by the right mix of communication channels and tools. And with that accomplished, HR professionals can leverage the technology to offer employees more, without taking on more work themselves, creating a closer bond with the employee,” the author says.