SCWCC announces filing fee increase
On the SC Workers’ Compensation Commission website earlier this month, the following announcement was posted:

“With the approval of the FY18-19 Budget, the General Assembly authorized an increase in the Commission’s filing fee from $25.00 to $50.00 for each requested hearing, settlement or motion. Funds generated by the increase will help support the development and implementation [of] the IT Legacy Modernization Project. This Project is a strategic plan to transform the agency’s business system and processes and upgrading the existing 29-year-old claims management system (Progress). Benefits to the stakeholders include improved security of data, ability to provide financial transactions of fees and fines electronically, and creating an avenue for filing pleadings electronically and document accessibility by parties to claims.

The effective date of the increase is August 1, 2018. Each request for a hearing, settlement or motion filed on or after August 1 will require a $50.00 filing fee.”