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Safe Patient Handling Champions & Coaches Workshop
The safe handling, transferring and mobility of patients and residents is a major concern due to the risk of injury to both patients/residents and healthcare workers. On Thursday, August 30, 2018 in Columbia, TRA GSC will host a Safe Patient Handling Champions & Coaches Workshop: Taking a Walk Through the ANA Interprofessional National Standards.

This PHT member-only workshop is specifically designed to acquaint healthcare professionals with innovative strategies and practices that have proven effective in reducing employee and patient/resident injuries from these types of incidents. Reducing these injuries translates to enhanced patient outcomes and employee safety. This year we are specifically looking at how healthcare institutions can enhance their current patient handling and mobility programs by utilizing best practices outlined in the ANA’s Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Interprofessional National Standards.

Learning Objectives:
  • List the eight elements of the ANA’s guidelines

  • Discuss your facility’s current patient handling program and written policy and compare with the ANA guidelines

  • Describe the best practices within the ANA guidelines as they specifically relate to the role of coaches, training & competency, and ongoing program evaluation.
For more information, please contact Janine Wall, ARM, AIS, GBA, director of marketing at TRA GSC, at jwall@theriskauthority.com.