PHT Claims Coordinator Workshop
The PHT Claims Coordinator Workshop, to be held on June 22 at TRA GSC in Columbia, is an excellent opportunity for Trust members to keep up with the current and emerging developments in workers' compensation.

This year, participants will learn about essential function testing as well as hear a legal update on medical marijuana. Time has been built into the agenda for an open discussion on the nurse practitioner’s evolving role in workers’ compensation. Participants will also have an opportunity to learn how to use safety huddles to educate senior leaders on worker safety issues. Finally, we will present awards to recognize those organizations that have excelled in safety over the past year.

Learning Objectives:
  • Discuss essential function testing - how to start and how to finish

  • Discuss the topic of medical marijuana and its potential impact on workers’ comp

  • Discuss discoverability of e-mails between case managers and claims coordinators

  • Learn how the nurse practitioner role is evolving as the gatekeeper for workers’ compensation

  • Learn how one member uses safety huddles to enhance reporting of employee safety events
For more information, please contact Janine Wall, ARM, AIS, GBA, director of marketing at TRA GSC, at jwall@theriskauthority.