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The TRA GSC safety Whistle


What makes it unique?

Our icon is the world-renowned Fox 40 pealess whistle. It is in a class all by itself. Why don't "pea" whistles measure up to Fox 40? It's because they use centuries-old technology: a pea or a ball, vibrating against a drum-like cavity to produce sound.

Less powerful sound isn't the only drawback. Things can stick to the pea - moisture, saliva, dirt, water, even ice in winter. It doesn't take much to set the stage for failure: one good blow on the whistle and the pea can jam in the whistle cavity. Even a brand new pea whistle can go totally mute if you blow too hard, as you might in a panicked situation. A jam-up means no vibration, no sound, no communication.

The ingeniously designed Fox 40 whistle doesn't use a pea to generate sound. In fact, there are no moving parts whatsoever - nothing to obstruct sound, nothing to stick, freeze, or fail. Fox 40's patented design moves the air blast through three-tuned chambers.

The "pea" in most traditional whistles is made of cork, a material that deteriorates in moisture. Fox 40 whistles are constructed of 100% high-impact ABS plastic. So they're 100% impervious to moisture. Pull a Fox 40 out of the water and its flow-through chambers drain instantly. The whistle is ready to sound immediately without distortion. The Fox 40 whistle is a useful tool to have on your key chain as you make your way through the parking lot at night, and whenever you might need to draw attention.

Why the whistle?

TRA GSC specializes in risk management strategies and our unusual choice of the whistle as our icon comes as a result of our former President & CEO David Dodge's personal background. Not many know it but, as well as leading TRA GSC for more than 20 years, he was also an ACC and SEC college basketball referee for many years. On one occasion, fellow referee Ron Foxcroft saw a foul and tried to blow his whistle, but the pea jammed and no sound came out, much to the displeasure of the players and fans. As a result of that embarrassing failure, Ron designed a special whistle that has no moving parts and thus can never jam. This particular whistle is the way almost all professional referees now manage the risk of whistle failure – hence the tie-in with TRA GSC's mission of encouraging ways to manage risks.

Ron Foxcroft
Ron Foxcroft, inventor of the world-famous Fox 40 pealess whistle, in uniform for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Run. TRA GSC has selected the whistle as its icon because it symbolizes safety and security.

Engineered and built with flawless precision, the Fox 40 Safety Whistle is used in more than 100 countries and by the U.S. military. The pealess safety whistle is the ideal safety tool, convenient to carry, easy to use, and reliable - it will never fail. At TRA GSC, we care about your personal safety. We have selected the Fox 40 Safety Whistle as our icon because the whistle symbolizes safety and security. Carry this whistle on your keychain for use in drawing attention in an emergency.